Here is my price breakdown and extras, let me know whats good for you and what’s not, then we can proceed to a Pre-Production stage and lock down the shooting date. 


  1. Standard” 600£ (half day) 800£ (full day) Paul Whisper to Direct, Film, Edit 
  2. PRO” from 1200£ Paul Whisper & PRO8 films (Video Producing, Directing, Filming, Editing, BTS Photos + Trailers)
  3. PRO ADVANCED” from 2400£ everything that’s in PRO Package + Best Camera and Lens / Stabilization System / Focus system / All Lights and crew
  4. “PROMO Trailers” 50£ (1 Preview, Instagram Square Trailer & Instagram/Snapchat Story Trailer)

Popular Filming Extras:

  1. 700-1000£ RED/ARRI camera with Prime Lenses, focus pull, movi stabilization +20% vat if invoice
  2. 125£ Sony Lens + 4k recording (Good Alternative to RED/ARRI package)
  3. 200-250£ drone hire
  4. 250-450£ Gaffer (light director)
  5. Lights hire starts from around 120£ (prices vary) but for 50£ you can get 2LED lights
  6. 70£ Generator for Outside power
  7. 25£ Smoke Machine
  8. More Amazing Extras available on higher budgets such as ARRI trinity Steady-Cam with Operators, Amazing DOPs / Cinematographers and more..

Please Note: Turnaround of the project is around 3 weeks, sometimes is bit longer depending on load. The editing process can be fast tracked for it to be done within 2 weeks (75£), within a week (150£) or within 3 days (200£) 

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. To make and complete a booking with Paul Whisper and PRO8 (Pavels Septuns) as well as securing a filming date we require The 50% payment deposit upfront. 

1.2. In case the shoot is postponed we will take half of the deposit and book another date

1.3. In case the shoot is cancelled we will keep the full deposit to compensate our time.

  1. Deposit has to be paid minimum 3 days before the filming date.
  2. Outstanding balance has to be paid anytime before or on the day of the filming date.

3.2. If an outstanding balance has’t been paid in time, – we hold on to the edit until it is paid, so we are not releasing an edit until all the payments are sorted.

3.3. All film footage will be held and remain the property of Paul Whisper and PRO8 (Pavels Septuns) until all funds are cleared

  1. Any Equipment booking have to be made in advance before film date to avoid any inconvenience.

4.1. In some cases Equipment booking can be paid in cash on the day of the shoot

By proceeding with this booking you agree with our Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you’ve read it carefully.